To all our valued customers and friends we sincerely apologize for the continued and unexpected closures. As many of you are aware we are a small owner operated store (just us two).  We recently – well not so recently were called away to help care for our grandmother, who will be 96 in November, and currently resides on her farm north of Denver.  This was supposed to be a quick visit with one of us returning to run the store  within a few days. During that time we had arranged with our some friends to cover the store in our absence. Unfortunately during our stay Grandma was diagnosed with an incurable lung condition (what a surprise at 96 :-) requiring major changes in the level of care that she needs. This has precipitated us staying in Denver MUCH longer that we anticipated and forcing us to close the store during our absence.  Our apologies to all who have come by to find us closed – we’re somewhat isolated on the farm and have not kept up with email/internet posting – not to mention being very busy getting grandma situated.


For what it’s worth our grandmother is adorable (at least we think so).  See more adorable images.


Grandma in cow hat

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