We haven’t actually been paying too much attention to our search engine stats lately. But since this one came up, we thought we’d list it. We currently have a top three ranking on Google (excluding) the sponsored links for the search term

“what is the youngest country in the world 2012”.

Note that we only list them as we see them in our log files, as we could probably come up with hundreds of search terms that would put us in the top three.  We used to list any terms that were in the top ten; however that was almost too easy! There were LOTS of search terms that our site turned up for.

We’ll post more of these terms as we encounter them in our log files.

Note that we will NOT be listing search terms that have any of the words “Not”, “A”, and “Number” in them, as we already know we tend to rank highly for search terms that contain these words.  At one point, on Yahoo our site was number one on a search for “Not A Number” out of 3.5 BILLION pages. Now I think we’re down to number two, which considering the origin of our name seems rather appropriate.

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