Slogan Contest

As many of you who’ve walked by our store may have noticed we put out these fun, wacky street signs that promote our business, yet we hope people find fun and entertaining.

In order to keep these fun and interesting we are looking for new slogans to put up. We are accepting in store and online submissions.  There are four signs, and there is room for slogans going both east and west.  And who knows, people who submit ideas we like may get your idea on the signs and even a prize.  Using the term “Not A Number” gets you a lot of consideration; however we are open to almost anything.

We will be having a contest for the best slogans (as judged by us). Entries will be accepted until the end of February, and the top slogans will receive either a $5, $10 or $15 gift certificate for Not A Number, as well as getting their slogans posted on our signboards.

Please keep it clean! We do have families that walk by!

Some ideas that we’ve kicked around:

You might ask yourself?
What does it take
To be 1%
And say “Let them eat cake”? (answer in Not A Number)

Did you pass Not A Number
And think what the hell?
Go back and check it out
You’ll find that it’s swell

Did you pass Not A Number
Did you not see
The giant troll chair
Awaiting thee?

When you passed Not A Number
Did you not see
All the flashy lights and fun stuff
Waiting for thee?

When you passed that store
With the big troll chair
Did you not wonder
What the heck is in there

Need a laugh?
Need a smile?
Not A Number
Will go the mile [this needs work!]

img_20120120_153842When you went in Not A Number
And saw the giant clock
Didn’t you say to yourself
This place rocks!

If you passed Not A Number,
And didn’t go in
Then asked yourself why
Then turn right around and go back in

If you left Not A Number,
With a smile on your face
Promise yourself
To return to this place




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